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For Coaches

If you’re a coach, scout or basketball executive, it’s time to step up your recruiting program with the “Pro World Players” advantage. The registration and use of this web site is totally free to all coaches, scouts or basketball executives.

“Pro World Players” offers thousands of profiles of professional players from around the world. Imagine the convenience of being able to look up the exact kind of player you are looking for. Top players from around the world and of every position and skill level are listed. Videos, stats and more. Contact information. All at your fingertips.

Don’t compete against other organizations using the “Pro World Players” resources … become one of them!


For Players

Would you like to be known, watched and scouted by basketball clubs worldwide?

Our website, “Pro World Players,” offers a unique way to publicize your skills and experience, so coaches and scouts around the world will see what you’ve got.

For a FREE SUBSCRIPTION you will be able to change and update your personalized portfolio, add pictures and videos, and include playing stats and other information you would like to share.

Why wait? Remember, you’ve got to tell the basketball world about yourself because they’re not going to come looking for you. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to be viewed and recognized on “Pro World Players.”